Floating Hearts Bracelet

Floating Hearts Bracelet


Hand made in solid sterling silver and a beach pottery tile shaped like a heart, flanked by the same shape in fused silver and finished with a hand made chain.  The clasp can be a toggle clasp, as in picture or a lobster clasp with a 1" extension chain.

These shards may have come from a bit of old crockery from one of Jersey's castles (later dumped into the sea) or it may be part of the cargo on a ship returning from China full of tea, since they used plates and such as ballast on the ships. A bit of Jersey's history encased in sterling silver.


Please contact me with your requirements for length, colour and type of clasp (toggle,as in pictures, or lobster clasp with 1" extension chain).  Made to order to your specified size. Due to the nature of this bracelet, final size will be 1" larger than the size you provide of your wrist, with a 10% variation.

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    A piece of Jersey's past on your wrist...
    This is a lovely bracelet to wear, made of solid sterling silver, with a heart tile flanked by two silver hearts. The heart tile in the centre depicts a moving, floating heart. I replicated the shape on the two silver hearts on either side and used the tile's pattern to inspire the texture on the silver hearts. An 8 mm lapis lazuli bead helps to keep the toggle clasp in place.

    Jersey has a very rocky coast facing France and in the past it had a great Cod fishing industry. Merchant and private ships used to sail past Jersey all the time. Jersey also has one of the most dramatic tides in the world, about 8 meters per tide change minimum (12 m in the spring). Many ships crashed against the rocks and sank during stormy weather, crockery included. Also in the past, rubbish was dumped at sea over the walls of Elizabeth and Gourey Castles, two iconic fortifications in Jersey. These are the two main reasons why little bits of crockery are found along the Jersey beaches (less and less, I am afraid, as everyone loves picking them up...).

    After a rough tide, I like to walk along the beach and see what the tide has brought. To me, they are a gift from the sea and I get really happy when I find them. Many local artists walk on the Jersey beaches looking for these and other bits, and we all make different things with them. I make bracelets, heart pendants and necklaces, all telling the same story.

    I like to imagine what type of ship the original piece of crockery came from, who worked or travelled on that ship... or maybe it was a plate that an aristocrat from the past used whilst staying at Elizabeth or Gourey castle?

    Please note:
    All items in my listings (except snake and belcher silver chains) have been designed and handmade by myself in my studio at Jersey, Channel Islands, and thus are my intellectual property. Please do not copy or sell my designs without prior consent. Thank you!