Jersey Beach Tile Heart Ring with bubbles

Jersey Beach Tile Heart Ring with bubbles


Hand made sterling and fine silver ring with Heart shaped Jersey Beach tile and bubbles around with a heavy solid oval section shank. Comfortable and chunky.  This ring in particular has been sold but I can make you one to measure with your choice of tile from a selection.

I found this beach tile in a Jersey beach after a strong tide; I find them usually close to the castles, as they used to throw the broken china to the sea. A hundred years or two later these bits appear randomly on some of our beaches. I was always curious why these bits of pottery were found on the beach, and when I found out, I fell in love. Who ate on this plate, saucer or piece of crockery in the past?


I have a nice collection of pottery shards for you to choose from, so I can make you this ring on your size.  Please email me to arrange a commission.

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