Love Jersey Heart Tile necklace

Love Jersey Heart Tile necklace

Weight: 46.7 grs (1.65 oz).

Length: 720 mm (28 ¼").

Hand made using sterling silver and beautiful blue tile bits found on Jersey beaches.
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    You can wear a piece of Jersey's past ...

    Hand made in sterling silver, this necklace has 4 heart shaped tile links, S links and the island of Jersey, all joined by elongated and S shaped links. Each heart shaped link is made from a bit of pottery found on the beach, shaped and set in a bezel made to size with a textured back.

    The two main reasons why we find bits of pottery on some Jersey beaches are the rocky coastline and the castles of Jersey. Jersey has one of the most dramatic tides in the world, about 8 meters per tide change minimum (12 m in the spring) and a very rocky coastline, particularly facing France. Being in the Channel and having enjoyed a great Cod fishing industry in the past, merchant and private ships used to sail past and to the island all the time. Many ships crashed against the rocks and sank during stormy weather. Another interesting fact is that in the past, rubbish was dumped at sea over the walls of Elizabeth and Gourey Castles, two iconic fortifications in Jersey.

    After a rough tide, I like to walk along the beach and see what the tide has brought. To me, they are a gift from the sea and I really enjoy finding them. Many local a