Starlight Double Dangle earrings

Starlight Double Dangle earrings

The Starlight Collection is coming together.  

Beautiful, fun yet elegant, these earrings can up-dress your jeans and t-shirt look or compliment beautifully any cocktail or evening dresses. More pieces will be added to the Starlight Collection, such as a bracelet, a necklace and a ring. If a Dangle earring is not your cup of tes, have a look at the studs, they are really cute. All handmade by me, from scratch, in sterling silver.

Drilling all those teeny weeny holes is harder than one may think! Inspiration came as my boys were talking about stars and black holes, the universe, matter... so I thought of these! Please don't ask me why...

Drop: 45 mm

Weight: 2 grams each (0.07 oz.).