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A bit about me...

My name is Aida, I design and make silver jewellery by hand using traditional jewellery making techniques at my studio in St. Saviour,  Jersey (Channel Islands).


I am a member of Genuine Jersey, a local association which promotes the quality of local handmade products.


All sold items can be made again, similar.  You are welcome to come to my studio and discuss any commission work.

LOGO AHS and je web.jpg
Pottery Shard Silver  Pendants
Aida de la Herran Jewellery new studio in Jersey

How I work

I work mainly on sterling silver, sometimes using pottery shards, sea glass, semi precious gemstones and pearls.  I enjoy making beautiful looking silver jewellery with the lovely pottery shards found on Jersey beaches.  I am now up-skilling and learning to use higher metals and stone setting techniques.

My designs are inspired both on things I see, mostly out and about Jersey.  Nature, animals and specially insects and sea creatures are my great inspiration and love; I love the countryside and beaches in Jersey, they are amaizingly beautiful.  If you haven't been to Jersey or the Channel Islands, they are definitely worth the visit.  

A special love of mine is to find 'treasure', such as the pottery shards found on Jersey beaches.  I shape them as hearts, as close to the original size and shape and set them in sterling silver and this is why they are all different.  Each piece of jewellery is made from scratch by me and is unique as they are always different in pattern and shape.  


Did you know most of the shards come either from shipwrecks of tea-carrying vessels on their way back to London, late in the 18th century?  Others seem to be part of the waste thrown to sea by the castles or tea rooms around the island during the 19th century.Most pieces belong to the Willow Pattern series, depicting a forbidden love story by the daughter of a wealthy man and his assistant who ended up being killed and turned into doves flying in the centre of the design.  But I have also identified earlier pieces...


I only use traditional tools and techniques, and every item I make is from my own design and inspiration.  I guarantee all my work for its quality and craftsmanship (creftwomanship?) and include free cleaning an maintenance of all my pieces to my customers. 

On January 2016, I decided to set up as a sole trader and became a member of Genuine Jersey on March 2016.

I love what Genuine Jersey stands for and their values, specially in this modern world of cheap multi production and throw-away society.  I am obviously not from Jersey but I adore this island, its beauty, history and people. Being a member of Genuine Jersey, a platform that protects good quality and craftsmanship in Jersey, means a great deal to me.

After doing summer markets at St. Aubin's, Simply Spring and Simply Christmas at the Royal Square, and a couple of other events, I decided to move to bigger premises.  Renting in town is out of the question for artists due to costs, so I fixed the garage a bit, insulated it and built myself a new studio:

Aida de la Herran Jewellery new studio

This is my workbench now.  I built it using beech countertop for kitchens.  Most of my tools are within easy reach.  The slim wheeled sets of drawers have more tools and all my stones in them.  On the right is my designing table by the window; on my left is the soldering station and a sink area. 

Thank you for all the support. It all makes it possible for me as an artist to do what I love.

All the best,
Aida x

Some examples of my work...

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