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My New Stand for the markets

I noticed my gazebo stand wasn't displaying my jewellery properly So I decided to build one with the following criteria:

1. To make viewing of my jewellery easy for passers by.

2. Easy to assemble and disassemble by myself.

3. Easy to carry around.

4 Can display more jewellery than flat on the table.

So I bought a sheet 8x4' oak veneered ply and some hardwood batons, a box of screws and got on with it. The finish is a liming wax finish, easy to maintain and neutral for displaying the jewellery.

I designed it so it can be shut for ease of transport. So there are piano hinges that bring the sides around to the front to shut it. The jewellery can stay inside or can be put away first. I did well on the Xmas markets, so I think this was a good idea.

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