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Bracelet, hand made in sterling silver featuring the island of Jersey flanked by hand cut pottery shards found on the Jersey beaches. The tiles may have a heart shape or an organic shape, depending on the shards used and the patterns on them. 


These shards may have come from a bit of old crockery from one of the castles (later dumped into the sea) or it may be part of the cargo on a ship returning from China full of tea, since they used plates and such as ballast on the ships. A bit of Jersey's history encased in sterling silver.


Please contact me with your requirements for length, colour and type of clasp.

Made to order to your specified size.  Due to the nature of this bracelet, final size will be 1" larger than the size you provide of your wrist, with a 10% variation. 

Jersey Beach Pottery Bracelet with Heart and island

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